Mullen Mouth Snaffle

This is the only common snaffle bit that does not have any joint at all. With its slight curve, it is often considered to be a mild bit because it puts more pressure across the tongue instead of the more […]

Ported Snaffle

With no joint, the ported snaffle bears some similarity to the mullen mouth. However, the port acts to reduce pressure over the middle of the tongue and hence increase pressure over the bars. This bit is not as mild as […]

Jointed Snaffle

The single jointed snaffle is probably one of the most commonly used snaffle bits. The jointed action allows the rider to put pressure on one side of the mouth more than the other, and hence have better control over the […]

French Link Snaffle

One of the more common varieties of double jointed snaffles is the French link snaffle. The two joints help to reduce the nutcracker effect of the jointed snaffle, while still allowing the rider independent control over the two sides of […]

Oval Mouth Double Jointed Snaffle

The oval mouth double jointed snaffle is basically a variant of the French link, with a rounded lozenge instead of a flat spatula joining the two halves of the bit. The benefits are largely the same, with reduced nutcracker effect, […]

Dr. Bristol Snaffle

Perhaps the wolf in sheep’s clothing of snaffle bits, this bit looks much like a mild French link snaffle to the untrained eye. However, the center spatula is angled such that the thin edge can push harshly into the horse’s […]


Shaped mouth is a catchall term that generally applies to bits labeled as “ergonomic” or “comfort.” Such bits are typically mullen mouths with a wavy shape in the mouthpiece (in which case they are likely made of a polyurethane material), […]


Among the most severe types of snaffles, twisted bits are the most common in use today, particularly in hunter/jumper riding.  The degree of severity depends on how tight the twist is and how narrow the bit is.  A slow twist […]


Rollers are a popular addition to many styles of mouthpieces today.  Sometimes as little as a rotating disk set inside the center oval of a double jointed snaffle, or as much as a series of rollers along the joints or […]

Double Snaffle (also Y or W)

Falling into the category of strong snaffle bits is the double snaffle.  This type of bit has two sets of jointed arms attached to a single ring on each side, with either both joints close to the center or offset […]