The bradoon is a snaffle bit, which works in concert with a curb bit to make up the formidable double bridle. It is typically a thinner and lighter bit than a typical training snaffle, since there is both a need to reduce the quantity of bitting material in the horse’s mouth, and the expectation that the horse will not be leaning on the bit as much as a less-advanced horse might.

The circumference of a bradoon mouthpiece is typically in the 12-16mm range, and the rings are generally 55mm in diameter, which is smaller than a regular training snaffle.

Loose Ring

Most bradoon bits have loose rings, because the increased sensitivity that they afford is desirable for the upper level dressage horse typically being ridden in a double bridle arrangement. Because the ring-shaped cheek pieces are attached to the bit by […]


When a loose ring bradoon is not comfortable for a horse because of pinching around the lips or hyper-mobility, an eggbutt is the primary alternative. By flaring out the ends of the mouthpiece and joining the rings with flush swivel […]

Jointed or Cambridge

The single jointed or Cambridge bradoon works basically the same as its regular snaffle counterpart. The jointed action allows the rider to put pressure on one side of the mouth more than the other, and hence have better control over […]

French Link/Oval Mouth

Double jointed bradoons come with flat spatula links, like a French link snaffle, and with oval lozenges. In both cases, the two joints help to reduce the nutcracker effect of the single jointed snaffle, while still allowing the rider independent […]